Fear Not!


Luke 2:10

Fear not! I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.


This is how an angel announced the birth of Jesus.

I’ve lived near to Lake Michigan my whole life and it is my favorite.


When winter comes, we often bundle up and walk across the crunchy sand to look at the ice and snow piles that stretch into the distance.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine there is still water moving under the layers of cold, built up over months of snow and wind.

Sometimes cold, gray, and empty piles up in my own heart.

I can’t summon up anything to melt the layers of worry, fear, and discouragement.


Water is life.

That living water of God is still flowing, moving, touching the shore underneath all the gray.


Life is happening underneath the gray.


Fear not, that Good News is for ALL people.

Even the people who have layers of sad, layers of mad, layers of lost.