Happy New Year!

For the last five years, I have picked one word for the year through #oneword365. Every year I have chosen kneel as the posture I hoped to take in my walk with God. This year I felt the truth of kneeling, but still keeping my hands clenched tightly.


Over break, I read Steven Pressfield’s book Do the Work.

Resistance finds us in:

Fear, Self-doubt, Procrastination, Addiction, Distraction, Timidity, Ego, Self-Loathing, Perfectionism

I see myself in so many of these. Hand clenched.


I long to open my hands to God.

My fear, my self-doubt, my timidity, my perfectionism leads me to surface living.

Slow progress. Digging deep. Wrestling. Struggling. All these bring depth.


All the hope and dreams of this coming year I want to hold with open hands to God.

What- one word- might bring you hope and direction this new year?