Life is not Forever

Do you have certain books that you pull out and read again and again in different seasons of your life?  Somehow the words that make up these special books anchor you back to reality or bring comfort and hope. 

Heaven Your Real Home by Joni Eareckson Tada is an anchoring book for me.

Joni experienced a diving accident as a teenager that left her paralyzed from the shoulders down.  She overcame depression and suicidal thoughts to become an artist, author, singer, speaker, and founder of Joni and Friends, a non-profit for the disabled community.  You can visit the JAF ministries website here http://www.joniandfriends.org/  There are great resources for kids and families on this site.

Through her process of recovery Joni thought about Heaven often.  The result of these discussions and study provided the material for her book.

Life moves so very quickly.  I sometimes forget what I am a part of, what we are all a part of, is SO MUCH BIGGER.  I would like to share some of my favorite parts for encouragement to you.  Also, for hope that you might know without a doubt that you are amazing.


1 John 3:2   What we will be has not yet been made known.

~Somehow, somewhere within you is the pattern of the heavenly person you will become.

~In every person there is a facet of the Lord’s loveliness that only he or she can uniquely reflect.



Acts 17:26  From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.

~Through faith we understand we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Peter Kreeft



Do you ever feel restless, hungry for more? Life is not forever, heaven is your real home.

~For me, true contentment on earth means asking less of this life because more is coming in the next.


Encouragement: Seeing with New Eyes








My son loves playing cars with eyes.  He wishes for our whole family to sit close by him and witness their amazing adventures.  This expansive love for cars with eyes began three years ago and the devotion continues to run strong.  One morning I sat on the floor of his bedroom, silent screaming in my mind.  (Does anyone else find themselves silent screaming from time to time?) I wondered how many hours of my life had transpired in his detailed world of die-cast cars.

I scooped up the whole container and we ended up at the kitchen counter.  That morning a whole new World opened up, where the cars could be mixed and measured in bowls and cliff jump over a river, from one side of the sink to another.  The change in scenery cut off my silent screams. Now when we hit a rut, we try to do play doh on the stair steps, board games under the table, and books in a pillow filled bathtub (of course accompanied by car with eyes).

Being stuck in a rut dims the vastness of our sight.

  • Drive on a road you have never been on
  • Pray alone in a dark closet
  • Read a book in a corner of your house you have never sat in
  • Go through the grocery store in the opposite direction
  • Take a walk in a new neighborhood
  • If you are super brave sit in a different pew on Sunday morning
  • Jump on your bed, see if your room looks differently, seriously it will make you giggle

Pray for the gift of clarity, a new insight, a new perspective.

See the World with new eyes.

There is more to people, to situations, to everyday life than what we initially see.

Lay Hurdles Flat












In sixth grade we could go to the track across the road during lunch time.  I remember one lunch break clearly, not many people were around, so I jumped over a hurdle that sat on the track.  Later that spring I signed up for the 50m hurdles in the annual field day competition.  I got a ribbon! (There may have only been three participants.) I knew deep in my heart I was destined to run the hurdles in track and field.

[In junior high I had a perm.  I had brown glasses that were large.  I had braces.  I was so shy I think I might have growled at people that got too close.]

I did run those hurdles, the 100m and the 300m, all the way through my senior year in high school. Was I good at those hurdles? Not especially.  I had unfortunate form, my leading leg that should have been straight, liked to bend. Instead of seamlessly alternating my jumping, I shuffled so I could jump off my right leg every time.

I kept right on jumping though, because I liked them for some reason.

Our track still had cinder when I was in high school.  We did not have many home meets because of this.  At one home meet my entire extended family sat in the bleachers and many, many classmates.  I stood next to my rival from the north.  I was winning! Two hurdles from the finish line, I bit the dust in a major way, cinder and blood from ankles to knees.  I got up and finished the race.  Everyone I loved witnessed my last place finish. I love those moments.

I have done some spectacular fails in my life thus far.

I have done some spectacular never-even-made-it-off the starting blocks too.

I respect my fails more than the times I never even tried.

Keep going you can do it!


Cinder, blood, awkward embarrassment, and all.

Space to Give










If your mind is cluttered and your schedule packed full, there is no space left to give.

If you make mistakes and do not forgive yourself, there is no space left to move forward.

If you do not acknowledge your imperfections, there is no space left to grow.

  • Remember: each small thing you do can compound into something larger.
  • Remember: the World is not going to end if everything is not checked off your to-do list.
  • Remember: you will make mistakes, have the courage to apologize and move forward.
  • Seasons of life change and determine how much you are able to give.
  • Sometimes all the strength we can gather needs to go to young children, a sick or aging family member, or another difficult situation.  You are still making a profound difference.
  • Slowing down to take care of yourself allows you to be better equipped to care for others.

Be Kind to Yourself.  Your heart will expand with space to give. 


A Little Encouragement










I hope for this blog to bring encouragement to those who read it.

Here is a little Saturday extra. I encourage you not to be afraid to take risks.

For many weeks, I have had this blog ready to go.  I have dreamed about writing my entire life. I held my writing close, like most things in my life.  It took all the courage I could gather to send an email and facebook invitation one week ago to friends and family.  I felt so exposed and so worried.  I barely slept Saturday night and again on Sunday night.  Every day this week I have contemplated taking this all down and pretending it was never here.

That is what I do, venture out small and then scurry back to hiding.

Only now, I realize that would be a life lost.  God asks more of me.  He asks more of all of us.  Not as a burden but as a gift.  He has special things for each and every one of us.  I love meeting people and listening to their stories.  It never ceases to amaze me.  God is so creative and so far reaching.  He has something unique for all of us, more than we can ask and imagine.

I want to share what God did in my life this week. Every time, without fail, when I felt like going back, someone would write me a note, make a comment, or share something with me that they liked reading.  God used you in my life this week.

He is using all of us.  That is an exciting life, when we are being used for great things without even knowing it.

Do not be afraid. God is with you.

Leaving the grocery store yesterday, my son, who is four and half, leapt into an enormous puddle.  The rain puddle soaked him from his feet all the way to his knees.  His jeans were sopping wet.  “Oh, man buddy, we still have to pick up the kids from school and you are so wet.” Then a question came to my mind. “Josiah was it worth jumping in that puddle even though you got so wet?”

He gave me a giant smile. “WES!” (He can’t say y’s clearly.)

It is worth taking the leap.  God is with you.

Fix Firmly

I have spent the last year trying to remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

I set them out on the counter the evening before.  I forgot them.

I hung them on a hook in the closet where I keep the car keys.  I forgot them.

I put them in the trunk of my car.  I forgot them.

I set them on top of my grocery list at the door.  I remembered!

(Disclaimer: I still only remember about half the time.  I feel that I am making progress.)

We are people of habit.  To begin a new habit we have to act on it multiple times before it becomes ingrained into our daily routine.

Be intentional about working a giving spirit into your day.

  • Including something new in your day takes EFFORT.
  • Trying new things gives each day a fresh PURPOSE and PERSPECTIVE.
  • We remember to do the things that are a PRIORITY.

Let your life be a testament of a giving spirit.

Fix firmly.  Etch.  Ingrain.  Establish.

What new way to give will you fix firmly into your life this week?



Be Still










Being still moves us against the grain of society.

Slowing down means we may possibly fall behind.

If we slow our momentum enough quiet might come, quiet that opens us up to all that is unsettling in our hearts.


We feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of opportunities.

We feel overwhelmed by all the gathering, pinning, and sorting.

We feel overwhelmed with how to squeeze these opportunities into our already busy schedule.


Be still long enough to listen.

Pause long enough to dream.

Jot down the opportunities that tug at your heart.


Know God. He honors a deliberately seeking heart.

Choose one new way you hope to give in the coming week.

No offering is too small.

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God