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2017 Fair Trade Gift Ideas

Christmas 2017 Fair Trade Shopping Guide  

Hoping to make a difference with your gift giving?

Purchasing fair trade through global artisans allows them to support their families and invest back into their businesses and communities.

Here are 100 gift ideas that give back!

For Women

  • Aprons from Imagine Goods made in Cambodia.
  • African Proverb Bookmarks supporting Kenya through the Grain of Rice Project.
  • Bags from FEED projects feeding families globally.
  • Bracelets from 31 Bits empowering Ugandan women making jewelry from paper beads.
  • Divine Chocolate from Serrv supporting farmers from Ghana.
  • Jewelry from the Brave Collection supporting survivors of sex trafficking in Cambodia.
  • Jewelry from Noonday empowering artisans and interweaving ambassadors to connect consumers and artisans.
  • Ribbon Sandals from Sseko supporting women in Uganda.
  • Sari throw blankets from Sari Bari supporting women exploited through sex trafficking.
  • Scarves from FashionABLE supporting women who overcome.
  • Scarves from 1000 Shillings supporting sustainable business for women in Uganda.
  • Scarves from Lesouque.
  • Scrubs providing another for a global healthcare worker from FIGS
  • Shea Skin Care Line from Bread for Life helping women in poverty become self-sustaining entrepreneurs.
  • Shoes from Teysha, artisans from Guatemala.
  • Shoes from the Root Collective supporting artisans in Guatemala.
  • Stationary from To The Market supporting global survivors.
  • Tea from Mighty Leaf working with partners around the world.
  • Yoga Mats from prAna fair trade materials and giving back through Outdoor Outreach.

For Home:

For Men:

  • Clothing from Fair Trade Winds supporting global artisans.
  • Coffee from Cafe Campesino a coffee cooperative based in Georgia.
  • Earbuds providing hearing devices for those in need.
  • Flying Discs from One World Fair Trade.
  • Globetrotter Journal from Fairtrade Winds.
  • Grilling Gifts from Uncommon Goods.  
  • Ipod Cases from Enrou handcrafted by global artisans.
  • Men’s Hats from Krochet Kids supporting women artisans from areas of poverty.
  • Outerwear from Apolis supporting global artisans.
  • Socks buy a pair = donate a pair from Bombas.
  • Socks that fight homelessness.
  • Sunglasses from SOLVE contributing to clean water initiatives.
  • Ties from Bull + Moose helping veterans.
  • Watches that give microloans.
  • Wine from OneHope.

For Children:

For Teens:

Buying Fair Trade


Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Exodus Road gave bloggers five ideas for ways to fight slavery. Buying fair trade is not something I’m super savvy about, so I wanted to gather resources and share them with you.


Buying fair trade items: protects the environment, builds business, empowers woman, supports education, fights poverty, stops child labor and slavery and supports health care. Those are some pretty solid reasons.

Buying fair trade is also being intentional and thoughtful about what we consume and it’s impact on our global brothers and sisters.

Two items first-world people use at astounding rates are coffee and chocolate. Start small and make sure you are using fair trade in those two areas and then broaden what you buy to more fair trade goods.



Buy things that give back when possible!

About Proximity’s Gifts that Give Back Pinterest Board.

Amy Sullivan’s Shop with a Purpose Pinterest Board.


Equal Exchange Fairly Traded: They can help your church congregation use fair trade coffee.

Fair Trade USA: Where every purchase matters is a great website to get started.

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A Kids Resource:

The book Think Fair Trade First by: Ingrid Hess

Aunt Mabel helps Stella and Henry find the perfect birthday gift for their Mom, along the way they learn that the way they shop can help people around the world.

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The Fair Trade: What’s Your Life Worth?  [A Burning Heart Production] (2008)

Tamara Johnston plays herself, a woman facing the loss of her fiance’. She quits her dream job and begins a fair trade business. The benefits of fair trade are highlighted in her touching work.

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Black Gold by Nick and Marc Francis

Takes place in Ethiopia where Tadesse Meskela seeks to help 74,000 struggling coffee farmers to receive a fair price for their coffee.

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The Justice Seekers Fair Trade Edition booklet


Watch the Video Commercial:

I’m with Lincoln. (This commercial is a dramatic portrayal of modern-slavery PG-13). After the short video you can sign a letter to your congressional representatives that ending slavery is important to you.

Lincoln moved Congress to act on slavery. Modern-day slavery is on the rise. We need to take up the cause and speak up.


Teaching Resources:

This website has great printable teaching resources about Fairtrade for Schools.

Manna Global Goods Ministry

TOH Bracelets

Ruth Ann Doane shares her heart and a local ministry that meets the needs of women and children. 


Five years ago during Tulip Time a few Hope College students brought some friendship bracelets to our church which were through the ministry Threads of Hope.

We had about 2000 bracelets. Our church, Manna Fellowship, in downtown Holland, is open during Tulip Time as a hospitality center.

My daughter, who was seven at that time, decided that the bracelets inside the church were not being seen, so she grabbed a handful and went out in the front and started selling them. Suddenly she was selling so many of them that we had to send another kid out to help. Then, they were coming in with fists full of money so we sent out an adult to supervise. We then decided to put a table out and put the bracelets on that.

We sold about 1700.00 ($1.00 a bracelet) that year.


The next year our church was deciding what to do during Tulip Time so I asked if we could do the bracelets again. So that was the start of the ministry.

We continued to sell the bracelets at local events. We decided to expand a bit and got in contact with Better Way Imports and started selling some of their items that are fair trade. Better Way Imports only purchases items from organizations that help women out of sex trafficking and minister to their spiritual needs. So they sell purses from Freedom Set, lots of jewelry from Radiant Hope, and much more.

We gave the ministry a name and continue to sell the items to help these organizations. I partnered with a friend that used to attend our church, Anna Kalmbacher. Anna and her husband had been missionaries in Uganda. While she was there she did work with a Hospice House there. The women made necklaces from recycled magazines so she purchased them and was selling them. We started to get more items from her contacts in Uganda. She and her husband have adopted three children from Uganda and they recently started an organization called A Child’s Voice. It is an organization started for advocacy of orphans in Uganda.

We have continued to partner and expand MG2. We have done Kerstmarkt (a Christmas booth in Holland) for the last two years, we sell at our church during Tulip Time and do special events here and there.

TOH Bracelets2

We do receive some profit on certain items but we use those funds to help A Child’s Voice and other ministries that do not have as much assistance and support. We help an organization in Uganda called Shalom Ministries which works with local children ministering to them, helps educate families and girls to try and help keep them in school, and go into hospitals to help women with infants. Recently we donated some money to a friend of ours at church was heading to Nepal to help get girls out of sex trafficking. 

God is using us to help women and orphans around the world.


Ruth will be traveling to Threads of Hope in the Philippine’s soon to meet and encourage the bracelet makers. We hope she will share her newly gathered stories with us.


Manna Global Goods Ministries (MG2) Follow their work on facebook.

MG2 sells Fair Trade goods so that we can help the organizations from where the crafts came providing dignity and hope for Women and Children around the world.