open hands


Happy New Year!

For the last five years, I have picked one word for the year through #oneword365. Every year I have chosen kneel as the posture I hoped to take in my walk with God. This year I felt the truth of kneeling, but still keeping my hands clenched tightly.


Over break, I read Steven Pressfield’s book Do the Work.

Resistance finds us in:

Fear, Self-doubt, Procrastination, Addiction, Distraction, Timidity, Ego, Self-Loathing, Perfectionism

I see myself in so many of these. Hand clenched.


I long to open my hands to God.

My fear, my self-doubt, my timidity, my perfectionism leads me to surface living.

Slow progress. Digging deep. Wrestling. Struggling. All these bring depth.


All the hope and dreams of this coming year I want to hold with open hands to God.

What- one word- might bring you hope and direction this new year? 

Open Our Hands


I planned to share a new campaign from World Renew and the Office of Social Justice.

Immigrants are a Blessing Not a Burden.


I didn’t plan to share this-

At church this morning, a congregation member translated for a legal worker. He stood up in his pew, hand over his heart as she spoke. He picks blueberries at a local farm. His seventeen year old son embarked from Guatemala to join him. His paperwork was not done right, and he was detained in Arizona. Documentation to prove he is a minor was provided from Guatemala, but to be released to his Dad pending trial, he needs 7,000 dollars in bond money. A father in Michigan picking blueberries. A son in immigration detention in Arizona. These stories are told daily, because our system is outdated and broken.

What struck me most, was how small the father looked, standing there so still, his hand over his heart.

Like somehow, he could keep his boy safe that way.


In light of stories like these, and also the pictures of despair we have witnessed from Europe, we can take a few moments to enter in conversation, to make a difference. This is so, so important.

Immigrants are a Blessing Not a Burden Website. 

Follow updates on Facebook. Invite friends.

Unlearn here. Sign, Share, or Wear here. Sign up to be a social media ambassador here.


The last few weeks I have been guest posting at about being intentional.

Being Intentional: Slowing Down 

Being Intentional: Pausing for Prayer 

Being Intentional: Consumption


This coming weekend, I will be at The Breathe Christian Writers Conference! I will be presenting a social media for writers workshop with Amy Sullivan. I would love for you to pray with me, because I will also be pitching a book proposal for Talk Justice Playgroups (our Fall Facebook Event Page is here). I can’t wait to gather new ideas to share with all of you, and meet new people to introduce you all too.

Sometimes, I feel so small. I want to grab everything from God’s hands and try to force it to where I want it to go. I’m so afraid to open my hands. He definitely calls us to be more. He asks us to do the harder thing, and trust him.

Dear God, please open our hands when we can make a difference. 

What is new in your life? How can we pray for you?