The Name Jar

Blessing Not Burden PlayGroup

BNB PLAYGROUPCome out for the first playgroup of 2016!

We are so excited to be partnering with The Office of Social Justice and the Blessing Not Burden Campaign and Zeeland Christian School for this group. If you are in the Holland Area we hope you might come and join us!


Serve together by using our voices in a photo booth to share how immigrants have blessed you.

Name jar

Read The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi about new Korean immigrant Unhei. As she decides on a new name, she finds her classmates eager to help her transition to America. Friendship opens the door for her to embrace her Korean identity.


Participate in play stations-

  • world volleyball
  • crafting- with stencils and passport stickers and world coloring pages
  • an old-fashioned Ellis Island simulation
  • immigration timeline walk from The Church Between Borders
  • take a citizenship quiz
  • world landmark sensory tub
  • play doh with letters to make your name
  • who is my neighbor Instagram interactive art.
  • language soup
  • what would you pack? station


Take Home: 

  • Immigration Family History Handout
  • Ways to get involved in the Blessing Not Burden Campaign

All Ages Welcome! Zeeland Christian School is located at 334 W. Central Ave. Zeeland, MI.

Keep updated at the Facebook Event Page. Email me at if you would like to receive email updates about what is new with #TalkJustice playgroups. Exciting things are happening this coming year! And I would love you, your families, and your wise voices to be a part of it.


Kids Books About the Topic of Immigration

Reading with your kids is an easy way to place your whole family in the proximity of renewal.

As parents, it’s important to teach our kids the perspective of those who have immigrated to a new home. Immigration reform is a huge topic right now. My husband is teaching an Office of Social Justice curriculum entitled The Church Between Borders all over the United States right now. Children’s books are an excellent way for us to teach our children.

the name jar

The Name Jar by: Yangsook Choi (In a new school, Unhei struggles to use her Korean name.)

harvesting hope

Harvesting Hope By: Cesar Chavez (The story of Cesar Chavez who sought to improve the lives of migrant farm workers.)

kite dragon

Henry and the Kite Dragon by: Bruce Edward Hale (A story based on true events, two rival groups of children from Chinatown and Little Italy learn what they share.)


Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan By: Coretta Scott King (Based on true events, orphaned boys from the war in Sudan, walk to a refugee camp in another country.)

whispering cloth

The Whispering Cloth by: Pegi Dietz Shea (life in a refugee camp in Thailand, a little girl tells her story through traditional pa’nadau)

hate english

I Hate English! by: Ellen Levine (the struggles of learning a new language in a new country.)

one green apple

One Green Apple by: Eve Bunting (the story of a young Muslim immigrant)

lotus seed

The Lotus Seed by: Tatsuro Kiuchi (a young girl immigrates from Vietnam.)

days to america

How Many Days to America By: Eve Bunting (a family is forced to flee their Caribbean home and board a boat to America.)

the color of home

The Color of Home By: Mary Hoffman (Hassan feels homesick after fleeing Somalia, to a refugee camp, to a new home in England.)

hannah is my name

Hannah is my Name By: Belle Yang (a young girl immigrates from Taiwan to San Francisco.)

waiting for papa

Waiting for Papa By: Rene Colato Lainez (Beto and his Mama have left El Salvador and with the help of an immigration lawyer they wait for Papa.)

leaving vietnam

Leaving Vietnam By: Sarah S. Kilborne (Tuan and his father flee Vietnam and immigrate to America.)

myname is jorge

My Name is Jorge: On Both Sides of the River (poems in English and Spanish) By: Jane Medina (Jorge tries to assimilate to his new home in American and hold his Mexican heritage close.)


Super Cilantro Girl By: Juan Felipe Herrera (Esmeralda Sinfronteras is a super-hero who goes great lengths to rescue her Mom. The story highlights concerns children may have about national borders and immigrant status.)